Kitaabut Tahaarah 2

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The Book of Purification and Purity

This subject will cover the essentials when it comes to cleanliness in Islam. Salah is the first deed to be weighed on the day of judgement. In order to perform Salah, one must be clean from all impurities hence the book of purification and purity is such an important part of a Muslim’s daily life.

Each student will go through the book at their own pace. It is a good practise to memorise some of it (these will be marked with a ‘*’). Make good use of learning tools, such as making charts and diagrams to help process what is learnt.

This book also covers the Sunnah ways of wudhu’, ghusl etc which are very important in Islam. However certain aspects, such as the du’as for washing each part during wudhu’ may take longer to learn. We will provide a document to print and read when doing wudhu’ and eventually it will be easy to remember, without even setting time for memorising it, in sha Allah.

You can send your questions using the comments section and interact with others who are learning too. We recommend that you do not use your real name and use a screen name instead. We also encourage you to send your notes and diagrams/charts to your representative via whatsapp or email (or send to us at to make sure you are processing the information correctly.

We do not charge for this service. A great deal of time goes into creating this online system so we ask you to keep every person behind this (from the students, to the website builders who are creating this system, to the Ulama who have written the books from where we are studying from and the people who are extracting from the books and converting it to a format where you can easily learn from) in your du’a. We do not want money, it is fisabilillah, however, for those who have asked, you can ‘gift’ a token amount to the people behind this online system without handing money to them. They ask that you submit the money to Ummah Welfare Trust using this link on their behalf such as £1 for each course, but this is absolutely not necessary.


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