Postures of Salah for Women (Hanafi)

A woman’s postures in Salat are as follows:




In the standing position a woman should raise her hands close to her shoulders[2] then lowering them recite Allahu Akbar and  place her hands on her chest with both palms facing towards the chest. The inner palm of the right should be placed on the back of the palm of the left hand. Unlike men she will not make a ring with her fingers.[3]




During ruku her back should be slightly bent to the extent that she is able to touch her knees.  Her fingers should be placed close together and placed on her knees, without grasping her knees. Her knees should be slightly bent. Her elbows should be placed close to her sides and the ankles of both her feet kept together.[4]





When she goes into Sajdah, her knees should touch the ground first, followed by the hands with the face between the palms. The nose should touch the ground first followed by the forehead. The forearms should be placed flat on the ground close to her body. The fingers should be flat and facing the Qibla. Both feet should be placed outwards towards the right hand side and her stomach touching her thighs, her arms attached to her sides and her forearm spread on the ground. Her elbows should be pressed against her sides. She should draw herself closely together.


When going into Tashahud position she should sit up straight with her feet remaining outwards, towards the right. Her palms with her fingers close together and pointing towards the Qibla should be placed on her knee

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