2017: An Overview of the Year from an Islamic Perspective

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

The past few years have been an eye opener. As Muslims, we have seen many truths mentioned in the Qur’an and Ahadeeth taking place before us today.

2016 seemed to end on a low note. 2017 didn’t get better. The passing of senior ‘Ulama has not stopped. Our akabireen keep us tied to the ‘Ulama before our times. Now even that connection and authentic bond has lightened.

There are very few ‘Ulama of such calibre present today. They are leaving us one by one to be with Our Lord, the Most High. This is the reason why Ulama.co.uk was started. Our first aim was to try and make sure any ‘Aalim or non-‘Aalim feels the need to ask the question, “Why did I not know about so and so Shaykh”, once they hear of their passing.

We want to fill the gap between man/woman and the Awliya present amongst us.  This is for sisters too. There are many female ‘Ulama who have also passed and left us. This bond between student and teacher, which in reality is student and ‘ilm and ‘amal needs to be widespread. Every Muslim should have an ‘Aalim they can trust and learn from to increase their love for Allah by knowing and understand their deen.

May Allah shower countless blessings on those who have passed. May Allah forgive them, have mercy on them and open the gates of Jannah for them. Ameen.

May Allah allow us to live more so we can fulfil our worldly duty by worshipping Him with sincerity.

May your goal for the next year one where you connect with an ‘Aalim and sisters are also encouraged to connect with an ‘Aalimah who isn’t there just to solve your masa’il but where you can choose a topic or two to study and understand Islam more and how to prepare for the ever-lasting world.

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